Academic Publications

  • Data Fusion at Scale: Strengthening Safeguards Conclusions Through Applied Analytics
    United States: Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
    Claude, F., Coyne, Calle, D., J., Gagne, D., Wilson, B., Iancu, I.

  • Computational Methods for Physical Model Information Management: Opening the Aperture
    Symposium on International Safeguards; Vienna, Austria; 2014
    Jack Crowley, Danny Gagne, Dan Calle, John Murray, Remzi Kirkgoeze, Franke Moser

  • Technical Publications As Indicators for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Declarable Activities
    Symposium on International Safeguards; Vienna, Austria; 2014
    Regine Schuler, Ahmed El Gebaly, Yana Feldman, Danny Gagne, Paul-Marc Schot, Matt Ferguson

  • Enabling Collaborative Analysis: State Evaluation Groups, the Electronic State File, and Collaborative Analysis Tools
    Symposium on International Safeguards; Vienna, Austria; 2014
    C. Gazze, C. Eldridge, T. Sköld, F. Rorif, Y. Feldman, J. Murray, D. Calle, D. Gagne, B. Wilson

  • Context, Graphs, and Dynamic System Architectures
    Graph Exploitation Symposium (Lincoln Labs), August 9 – 11, 2011 Danny Gagne

  • SED3: Semantically Enabled Dynamic Discovery and Delivery (Presentation)
    3rd Annual SOA and Semantic Technology Symposium (AFEI), July 13 -14, 2011 Springfield, VA Danny Gagne, Aaron Griggs

  • The Web Mashup Scripting Language Profile
    Proceedings of the ESWC’07 Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web, SFSW 2007
    Marwan Sabbouh, Jeff Higginson, Caleb Wan, Salim Semy, Danny Gagne

  • Web Mashup Scripting Language
    Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2007
    Pages 1305-1306 Marwan Sabbouh, Jeff Higginson, Salim Semy, Danny Gagne

  • Using Data Semantics to Enable Automatic Composition of Web Services
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Services Computing 2006 - Volume 00 Pages: 438 - 444, ISBN:0-7695-2670-5
    Danny Gagne, Marwan Sabbouh, Scott Bennett, and Sue Powers

  • Scaling of Web Semantics
    MITRE Technical Report: MTR06B0000044
    Marwan Sabbouh, Sue Powers, Scott Bennett, and Danny Gagne

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